Waiting for Light: FD Maurice

It is a straight and narrow way which leadeth to life.  there must be a continual waiting for light; a distrust of our own assumptions; a readiness to be detected in error, certain that God’s meaning is infinitely larger than ours and that other men may perceive an aspect of it which we do not perceive; a belief that he is fulfilling His promise “that all shall be taught of Him,” in ways which we cannot imagine; a dread of shutting out any truth by our impatient notion that it must contradict some other; a determination to maintain what little has been given us in the hope of its expansion and never to contradict, if we understand ever so little, what may have been given to another; a resolution to hold the ground on which we stand, without judging him if he cannot yet see what this ground is.  Hard it is to form these habits of mind; I covet them more than I can express and believe in my sane moments that the Spirit would educate us all into them if we would but submit. 

-FD Maurice, Correspondence between a Layman and the Rev. F.D. Maurice on some questions arising out of the controversy respecting the Pentateuch (1863)