The Christian Life | von Balthasar

For, to be a Christian is precisely a form. How could it be otherwise, since being a Christian is a grace, a possibility of existence opened up to us by God’s act of justification, by the God-Man’s act of redemption? This is not the formless, general possibility of an alleged freedom, but the exact possibility, appointed by God for every individual in his existence as a member of Christ’s body, in his task within the body, in his mission, his charism, his Christian service to the Church and to the world. Considered in all its dimensions, what could be more holistic, indissoluble, and at the same time more clearly contoured than this form of being a Christian? This form transcends the questionableness of men’s own choices and self-evaluation. It transcends too, the uncertainty and melancholy that are, at bottom, inherent in most life-forms for the simple reason that something entirely different could have been chosen and that what was intended and striven afterwas never actually attained. But the Christian form is structurally a part of the miracle of the forgiveness of sins, of justification, of holiness, the miracle that transfigures and ennobles the whole sphere of being and which in itself guarantees that a spiritual form will thrive as the greatest of beauties.

Hans Urs Bon Balthasar