Eternal hymnodists

Despite the abundant evidence that Christians between the first century and the fourth were rethinking some fundamental categories of social and political life in the eastern Mediterranean, they did not wander so far from the heritage of Jewish psalmody in the home, or in the Temple, as to suppose that their gatherings could be without song. They could not. Christians hoped that the righteous would eventually stand, in some form of bodily life, before the throne of God, where the only imaginable alternative to ecstatic praise was the disobedience of Satan and the rebel angels. Christians were therefore making a pilgrimage through a temporary world, which was not their true home,to an eternal liturgy. The kingdom of God was at hand and the work had already begun; they should begin their liturgy now in preparation for the future time when the righteous would join the angels, imagined in the Jewish manner as eternal hymnodists…..

-Christopher Page, The Christian West and its Singers: The First 1000 Years